50% of shopping centres are predicted to close by 2030.

Job losses will be in the millions, thousands of communities devastated.


Take the Pledge to Support Local to keep more money circulating locally
to support local businesses and protect local jobs. An extra $10 a week
per person spent locally can create millions of dollars in local commerce.

(see video and chart below)

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Keep it local - we all win!

How will nearest.com keep money circulating locally to protect local jobs?

We create local online shopping zones for cities, neighbourhoods and local malls. Local businesses add products and services to local 'shopping zones' which makes it easy to find products and services locally and that helps keep money circulating in the community to protect local jobs.

Coming Soon: Shop "Made in Canada" shopping zone featuring Canadian manufactured products with one-click to the nearest retail location merchandising the product!

Why does money spent locally have such a significant impact on local jobs?

Because money spent locally circulates in the community several times, it's called 'The Local Multiplier Effect'.
An extra $10 a week per person spent locally creates billions of dollars a year in local commerce and protects local jobs.

If everyone in Canada and the US spent on average $10 more a week locally, it would generate an extra $1.5 Trillion in local commerce over 3 years.
Imagine how many local jobs would be protected and created with an additional $1.5 Trillion circulation in our communities every 3 years!

Support those that support our communities!

Shopping locally is a way to say thank you to the local businesses that pay significant municipal taxes
to help pay for the teachers that teach our children, the police and
firefighters that protect our homes and for the many other services that sustain our communities.

Keep it local - we all win!


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Take the Pledge to Support Local

Take the pledge to support neighborhood businesses to protect local jobs! It doesn't cost anything. You simply pledge to try and spend an extra $10 per week at neighborhood businesses. The local economic benefits to our communities will be significant: If Canadians on average spend an extra $10 per week locally, the TAKE THE PLEDGE campaign has the potential to create $50 Billion a year in commerce to support local businesses and create local jobs in communities across the country.

Teamwork makes the dream work!

Take the Pledge - Join NOW

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